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Ortomedical footwear awarded with the APDP – Healthy Footwear seal:

  • Shoe base of the same width as the foot;
  • Wide, high, rounded toecap, allowing room for the toes to move without causing pressure and leaving around 1cm beyond the tip of the longest toe;
  • Shoe upper made of real leather or appropriate materials (sports shoes) with a soft lining and no internal stitching;
  • Stable heel stiffener to support the heel of the foot, and edges that reach only as far as the ankles and the Achilles tendon, without covering them;
  • Fastenings are laces or Velcro strips, allowing for stretching and adjustment over the course of the day when the feet swell. The shoe should be neither too tight nor too loose on the foot when walking;
  • Semi-rigid sole and insole, made of non-slip material (rubber or polyurethane) and cushioned;
  • Sole should be 0.5 to 1cm thick under the front part of the foot;
  • Heel should be stable and under 2 cm (men) and 4 cm (women).





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